The real estate market in North Miami, just like most parts of the United States, has been on quite a roller coaster ride in the recent years. The weather, job market, and other factors have been adding to the uncertainty as well. And as a homeowner, the stress of selling your home is inevitable.

You want to find a willing buyer, not let your house go unnoticed. You want to turn the sale into a profit, not lose the house to foreclosure at any cost. Fortunately, there are ways to successfully navigate the Miami market, but only if you're following some of the advice given below. 

Staging The House 

Now it's time to take advantage of what interior designers or top agents® in North Miami have to offer. Staging your house will get your potential buyers’ foot in the door. Those who say not to worry about the details don’t quite understand the concept of making the house buyer-ready.

When interior designers are considering a room, they look at the total scheme. They also focus on the individual elements that go into the details. A designer can suggest ways to maximize space and save you from expensive mistakes.

When it comes to your home, sweet home, you should take every step to make it picture-perfect for the prospects. Why? Because Miami is a competitive market, and you want the house to look its best and lift the buyers’ spirits. An investment in decorating the house will reap dividends along with the asking price. 

Best Time of he Year 

Whether the house will sell quickly or sit on the market for the next two or three months will depend on the temperature of the market: hot, cold or balanced. As a seller, your house will likely sell within a week in a hot market. Typically, this market is between March and July. If yours is a well-priced house, staged, and looks good inside and out, the house will sell, sometimes even for more than the asking price.

If the market is cold, however, you may have to offer creative incentives to grab the attention of the handful of buyers. Just don’t forget to look at the recent sales or comps for that particular market. This will give you an idea about where your house stands. You can find a lot of helpful information about market data on websites like Zillow and Trulia.

Choosing The Right Agent 

A novice home seller should never undertake the job of selling the house without professional help in a competitive market like North Miami. Top realtors® in North Miami can help you balance priorities, walk you through the whole process of selling, and make sure that contingencies are met before the closing date. Even if you want to sell the house yourself, an agent can help you with the minimal process, such as listing, bringing in buyers, and holding open house.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash