If you're like most people, the weekend feels like it just doesn't last long enough. Between errands, hobbies, dates, and visiting family, that precious space between Friday evening at 5:00 p.m. and Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. is over in a blink, which is why we recommend maximizing those hallowed hours. Don't have time to grab a drink with your buddies this weekend because you're having dinner with your visiting aunt on Saturday night? Why not stop by at a Miami Sunday Funday? Weekends don't come around, so try to extend that blink.

Wood Tavern

Wood Tavern may be the gold standard for Sunday Funday. Their get down, appropriately named, Backyard Boogie, kicks off promptly at 5:00 p.m. every week. And, every week, Miami's hippest crowd files into arguably Wynwood's most famous watering hole. And why wouldn't they? There are drink specials, food specials, a boisterous dance floor, and old-school hip-hop tunes spinning. 

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Sidebar Miami

Brickell offers a wealth of options for happy hours and weekend nights on the town. But if you want to turn up on Sunday, Sidebar is not only your best bet, it's your only bet fro Sunday Funday, which isn't to suggest that you'd be settling by coming here. Quite the contrary, actually: Sidebar dubs its Sunday spectacular "Hot N Fun," and it certainly lives up to its straight-forward billing. It's hip-hop themed, so be sure to bring your swagger!

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SLS South Beach

There ain't no party like a hotel pool party, and no one throws a better pool party than the SLS South Beach. The get downs usually kick off in the early afternoon through the evening, so get your sunscreen, swimsuit, and credit cards ready for food and drinks. This is an all-day affair. 

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El Patio Wynwood

El Patio's shabby chic decor and overflowing energy makes it Wynwood's most popular Latin bar by a wide margin. Seriously, the line extends beyond the neighboring bar within an hour of its open, and they literally stack and pack you in there since the bar has theater-style bleacher seating. But, if you're going to be squeezed elbow-to-elbow with people anywhere in Miami, it's at El Patio. 

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Purdy Lounge

Purdy Lounge is known for throwing some of the hottest, no frills parties in South Beach Thursday through Friday. It's usually a night out you plan ahead for because you'll need some recovery time the following morning and afternoon. You're probably thinking, "Why would I want to do this on Sunday night? I have work Monday morning!" Well, because Purdy Lounge isn't quite as... boisterous on Sunday nights, so we think you'll be able to handle it. A strong Cuban coffee is recommended Monday morning, though!

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Brick's tagline is "Not Your Average Bar,"  and it's more than just a memorable platitude. On the surface, Brick seems like your typical Wynwood bar: it's relaxed, caters to a young, hip crowd; and blasts classics new and old, but there's something about the bar's energy. Wood Tavern may be Wnwood's most famous bar, and El Patio may pack more people through its doors, but Brick is probably the most fun. And isn't that what a Miami Sunday Funday is all about? 

Nikki Beach is essentially your one-stop Sunday Funday destination. They host brunch in the morning anda beach party at midday, and the place turns into a club at night. If you have the stamina, you could truly make it a Sunday Funday.

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Miami Sunday Funday offers a different look at the Magic City. The events tend to be more laid-back, and often more fun than your typical night out on the town. If you've never been to one, give it a shot.

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Cover photo courtesy of Wil Stewart on Unsplash