During the much-anticipated premiere of the Jersey Shore Reunion: Jersey Shore Family Vacation the gang celebrates their first night out at SHOTS Miami a dance club in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. This is where the cast turns into the same old raunchy and crazy group of guidos and guidettes that we were all hoping to see. After starting their night off with a round of tequila shots from the bar and a few vodka sprites for Vinny they were back to their old shenanigans in no time.

After hearing news that Mike the Situation was able to come to the reunion after admitting to tax evasion earlier that day, the crew got ready for a night out at SHOTS! This club is a constantly bustling dance club famous for their wide selection of shots they offer at each of the bars. They have DJ’s playing dance music and food trucks that serve up some grub on the weekends too. The Original Jersey Shore Cast of Pauly D, Vinny, Deena, Ron, Snooki, and JWOW went to the nightclub as they awaited the arrival of the last member of the group, Mike, to arrive. As for Sammi, it seems she didn’t want to relive the past with Ron (for good reason) and she decided not to join this reunion. But the other original seven are to vacation together as adults throughout the coming episodes that play every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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While at SHOTS! They order what seems like endless rounds of shots and drinks. And this is after a fairly heavy pregame at their new Miami riverside mansion.

At the club, Pauly D fell in love once again. He describes “his type” of girl as curvy with dark curly hair and light eyes. Vinny dances like he hasn’t danced in years after one too many vodka sprites, going back to 2008 by “beating the beat up” for us again. He explains his signature move as they show the packed dancefloor of the club. It seems SHOTS! Is the spot to be because of the sheer volume of people on the dance floor. Though Jenny, JWOW, explains that this is only due to their willingness to drop it low and get the party going, just as they did in the late 2000s.

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Deena and Ron get into a heated conversation about Sam. It seems Ron isn’t over Sam. Deena feels caught in the middle because of her friendship with Sam. It’s the conversation we waited five years to hear: The one where Ron admits he’s not over Sam. Will we ever see RAHN STAHP?! Or will they end up back together?

The best and most predictable part of the night is what Snooki proves she still knows how to turn up. She gets wild at SHOTS! And ends up falling in the street out front of the bar itself. Proving motherhood is no match for Snooki after a few drinks. If you can't make it to Miami, the Orlando SHOTS will feature all the same drinking and dancing fun. 

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