Every December, some of the world's most creative and imaginative people flock to Miami for three days to enjoy their annual art festival, Art Basel and Miami Art Week. Art Basel begins on December 6th and ends on December 9th, but there are so many things to do is so little time. This year Art Basel brings over 300 events during the three-day festival, over one hundred events each day. It takes place all throughout Miami but more specifically on Miami Beach and in the Wynwood Arts District and inside the Miami Beach Convention Center

To commence the festival, there will be performances and speaking engagements being held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, including several Artist Talk that many art lovers are looking forward to during the week. There are almost 20 speeches being given during the three day festival on a variation of topics, some including artist commissions and sustainability, community, and art education. Brunches are also planned for each morning, some of which are being in parks and others in museums.

There are three ticket options for these events: a day ticket ($50-60),  a permanent ticket ($130-140) and a combination day ticket ($75-85). A day ticket allows you to attend any or all events on one day of the festival. A permanent ticket gives admission to all or any of the events during the entirety of the festival and combination day tickets are one-day tickets for both Art Basel and Design Miami. It is inevitable that Miami will overflow with artists and curators alike all coming to enjoy Art Basel bringing over 300 events to celebrate Miami Art Week. 

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Cover from the Art Basel Facebook page