There are a few things that instantly come to mind when you think of Miami like its beautiful beaches, cultural diversity, and hot nightclubs. If you take another second to think about, great music also tops the list of noteworthy features in Miami. With its active underground hip-hop scene, the city hosts some of the most iconic music festivals like the Ultra Music Festival. But you likely never think about jazz music in Miami, which makes sense because cities like New Orleans, Chicago, and New York are more closely associated with this improvisational style of music. However, Miami has a surprisingly active jazz scene, and these are the best places to hear jazz music in Miami:


One of South Beach's oldest bars is also one of its best jazz bars. As its name suggests, Jazid opened to fill the void in Miami's jazz scene. While it has diversified its performers and events to accommodate the local demand for hip-hop and reggae, Jazid is still very much a jazz bar. Their Friday night sessions are among the best in the region, so swing by Jazid if you happen to be in South Beach and enjoy listening to smooth, bluesy tunes.

Lagniappe House

This midtown hot spot offers a taste of New Orleans in the heart of Miami. Lagniappe House is a jazz bar and wine house, and we can't think of many better pairings. They regularly host local musicians who begin playing their soothing tunes at 9:00 p.m. every night of the week.

The Corner

The Corner isn't exclusively a jazz bar, but their Tuesday night jazz sessions are highly regarded; some would even argue it's Miami's best live jazz night. However, be prepared to stay up a bit past your bedtime as performers normally don't take the stage until after 10:30 p.m. 

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One of Miami's best Latin bars also doubles as one of the best places to hear jazz music in Miami. Ball & Chain hosts jazz sessions from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but that's just the start. On the last Thursday of every month, Miami's local jazz station takes over Ball & Chain and does a live broadcast from there.

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If a posh, dimly-lit bar is your mental picture of jazz bars, then LILT Lounge is the place for you. LILT is what we like to call "Miami Chic," so you'll want to dress nice, but you can leave your ties and gowns at home. Come here any night Tuesday through Saturday to hear some of the best live jazz music in Miami.

Le Chat Noir

All of these venues are great choices for dates, but if you're really looking for intimacy, bring your boo to Le Chat Noir: even the name sounds romantic! Enjoy wine, cheese, and live jazz music with that special person in this dimly-lit French establishment.

Churchill's Pub is a dive bar and Miami institution best known for its live music. It's easily one of the Miami's best live music spots, and on Mondays, the pub sheds its hard rock sensibilities and hosts a Jazz Jam. You're almost assured to see an ambitious new artist at these freestyle jam sessions.

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The Globe invites some of the best musicians from around, well, the globe, and on Saturday nights, be prepared to funk the night away as live jazz is played. In addition to the tunes, The Globe is also known for its world-class cocktails; we recommend trying their French Martini if you're not sure what to get or want something different.

Relative to the other jazz lounges on this list, Olympia Theater's jazz night is infrequent as it takes place the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m., but it's well worth the wait. The Olympia Theater isn't just a theater, it's almost a living piece of Miami history. The theater opened in 1926, and your show includes a guided tour of the historic theater.

Finding jazz music in Miami is easier than you think, so check out one of the best places to hear jazz music in Miami next time you're craving the blues.

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Cover photo courtesy of Jens Thekkeveettil on Unsplash